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At The Stable School we are committed to implementing a careers programme that focuses on raising pupil aspirations and broadening their horizons.

We enable all our students to be well informed to make these aspirational choices that are realistic and meet their needs for the future.

What the School Offers

Throughout their time at school students will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to support their understanding of post-16 and future careers. The careers programme sets out the activities and opportunities for our young people from Year 7 to Year 11 across each term.

This will include employers visits to school, raising awareness workshops, careers fairs and trips to colleges and Universities. All students will have a one-to-one careers guidance delivered by a Level 6 independent qualified careers adviser in Year 11. Students will be supported throughout Yr. 11 with a post-16 transition planning meeting held in September with parents/carers, and close support continued through the year.

We have developed a strategic plan to ensure the school is working towards the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks with a highly personalised approach. This 1:1 approach significantly increases the chances of the young person successfully transitioning on to a post-16 setting of their choice and ensures their needs both current and for the future are at the forefront of decision making.

stable school values

Stable School Values

The Stable School values are embedded into the careers programme through the following:

  • Respect – To promote positive, respectful relationships to enable participation in their local community and as global citizens. To understand how to build connections within the workplace and wider industries.
  • Reflect – To be able to question and reflect back on both their options and actions to make informed decisions on their futures.
  • Believe – To have belief in, and a positive vision of themselves for their future including both post-16 pathways as well as longer-term dreams and goals.

School Calendar


Half Term – 23rd October 2023 – 27th October 2023


Christmas Holidays! 11th December 2023 – 01st January 2024