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Despite its infancy the school has a wide range of success stories. First and foremost, the number of young people who have fully embraced second chance learning and now enjoy coming to school. On a daily basis they surprise themselves, their teachers, parents and carers with how truly talented they are.

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Success Stories

“We are so proud of Heather and thankful that not only did you give her the knowledge needed but also prepared her for college life and for being a great self-advocate.”

“Thank you so much for all your help and understanding while Anthony has been at the Stable School. The staff have been very dedicated, especially Linda who has always been there through the bad days, and good, she has been ready to support, whatever time of day. I have heard this from other parents, saying she always makes time to reassure. How different from other schools.”

“The change in J so far is amazing he comes home happy and actually wants to tell us about his day including what he has done in maths and English which has never happened before, so definitely having a positive impact.”

Maddox & Jack

Maddox and Jack had the opportunity to attend the first day’s workshop of the young anti-bullying ambassador program in London, along with other students from various schools across the country. The workshop was aimed at training the ambassadors on how to effectively tackle bullying and promote kindness and respect among their peers. Throughout the day, they participated in interactive sessions, discussions, and activities that helped them understand the various aspects of bullying and how to deal with it.

By the end of programme, which includes 3 face to face meetings and 3 online, Maddox and Jack, along with the other ambassadors, will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on their school communities and combat bullying effectively.

I am really proud of the focus and commitment of my students, creating some amazing projects chosen and designed by themselves and are often made for their teacher.

Baz – Construction teacher

Maddox has been making a bedside cabinet, he has shown some great resilience on this project.

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