AFC Bournemouth employee inspires our Year 10s & 11s

The Stable School were lucky to have Nick Osborn visit for the afternoon and host two talks during the students’ PSHE sessions. He took us on a journey through his secondary education and the post-16 decisions he made. A work experience placement in Year 10 led Nick on a Catering apprenticeship when he left school, but after a year he felt it wasn’t the future he wanted. At the time Nick said this felt scary to admit and to have an uncertain future but he took time to seek advice from past teachers, the college and his family before moving to a Level 3 Sports course instead for two years which he absolutely loved.

After this he began a part-time job in the ticket office at AFC Bournemouth and over the years this developed to a full-time position. He now oversees ticketing at all home and away matches. Nick is even visiting Las Vegas next month as part of his job! Nick had a very positive attitude and hasn’t allowed his significant hearing impairment to hold him back throughout his education and career journey. Thanks to Nick for taking the time to come and talk to us, we all found your talk very inspiring!

Nick’s top skills used in his job:

  • Communication – talk to people!
  • Build your connections.
  • Find something you have a passion for.

Nick’s advice for our students:

  • It’s ok to try things out and change your mind.
  • Seek advice from the people around you.

Volunteer for extra things to develop your skills.