Ofsted Reports

We are pleased to share some of the Inspector’s comments in our most recent report which included…

“New leaders have introduced positive changes. They have raised expectations of pupils’ academic learning and how they should behave. Senior leaders provide a clear sense of direction. They are working on the right things to bring about sustainable improvement.”

“Typically, pupils are productive in lessons. They enjoy the new points system, which rewards them for making the right choices. Lost learning time has reduced because the expectations of pupils are higher than before. Specialist staff provide effective pastoral support for pupils who have previously experienced trauma.”

“The majority of pupils rise to the higher expectations of how to behave. Most pupils understand the need to be in the ‘right place’ doing the ‘right thing’ in the ‘right way’. Incidents of poor behaviour have decreased markedly. This makes the school calmer and more settled than in the past.”

“Staff want the best for every pupil and make it a priority to understand pupils’ complex needs when they first start. They develop warm and nurturing relationships. This helps pupils settle and positively impacts their learning and safety. The school checks on pupils’ starting points when they join the school. They accurately identify pupils’ needs. Staff are becoming skilled at using targets from pupils’ ECH plans in the content they teach.”

“The school has increased its focus on improving pupils’ attendance. It follows up on absences quickly and checks that pupils are safe when not at school.”

“Careers education is increasingly effective. Older pupils plan for work experience. They visit a range of post-16 provisions as they start to prepare for the next stage of education.”

“The overwhelming majority of staff who responded to Ofsted’s questionnaire said they were proud to work at the school.”

We are pleased to share our Ofsteds report with you. If you have any questions about our latest report then please get in touch.

November 2023 Inspection

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