Bespoke Curriculum

It is fundamental to the Stable School’s philosophy that we provide a rich and diverse learning environment in which every child can have their social, emotional, and mental health needs met. Our curriculum mirrors the national curriculum at all key stages. Curriculum enrichment is paramount at The Stable school, offering all children a range of bespoke opportunities to enhance and reclaim a positive experience of school life for them. It ensures learners are always provided with suitable levels of academic challenge which are linked to their individual academic potential and needs.

We offer our learners the opportunities they need for ‘second-chance learning’. Our aim is to relate to and support these young people on their journey to unlocking their true potential and restoring their dignity. Our teaching approach and curriculum is designed to raise aspirations and support social mobility.

Giving individualised attention to each young person allows the staff team to create a programme of learning, and therapeutic and academic support, which maximises the chances of each young person engaging.

The curriculum provides a rich and broad education that is coherently planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills are built on.

It has clearly defined objectives which prepare all learners for either further education, employment, or reintegration into mainstream education.

Through this varied and differentiated curriculum we aim to improve learner motivation, self-confidence, attendance and engagement, whilst equipping them with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

The core subjects of Mathematics, English, Science and Computing are supplemented by a range of vocational and other academic subjects, to enable the delivery of a broad, rich curriculum which also supports learners’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is broad, balanced and is the best offer for the cohort of learners at the school.

Primary Curriculum

Our primary curriculum is structured around the primary curriculum with the provision to access the outdoors, exploring nature and our surroundings. Learners are supported by a high ratio of specially skilled practitioners including teachers, trauma informed schools practitioners, ELSA, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists.

KS3 Curriculum

Our KS3 curriculum builds on the robust primary curriculum and follows the KS3 curriculum framework. Learners who are new to the school are supported to address any gaps in learning by our accelerated learning programme where learners are assessed, identified and individual targets are set.

Learners at our Barn Campus (Years 1 to 9) follow a programme of learning to include core and foundation subjects and PSHE, in an age-appropriate group, and at a level that meets their academic and social needs. Academic learning is taught in small groups, using a carousel approach to foster greater engagement and to aid in embedding skills and knowledge. The wider curriculum offers a range of activities to support the personal development of every child, to

KS4 Curriculum

Learners have the opportunity to study towards GCSEs, AIM qualifications and functional skills, all tailored to their individual needs and choices. We use subject specialist tutors to ensure a breadth of subject choices are available to our learners.

Learners follow an appropriately levelled academic pathway for Maths and English and Science to include either Entry Level, Functional Skills and /or GCSE. Each learner selects accredited options that they are interested in, from a range of GCSEs (English Language & Literature, Statistics, Business Studies, Media Studies) and AIM vocational qualifications.

We have a robust careers offer that prepares learners for transition to their next destination. Learners are grouped according to age for PSHE and access P.E and a range of other physical activities weekly.

Vocational Pathways and Work Experience

The Stable School offer a wide range of accredited vocational courses to meet the interests and needs of our learners, including:

· Health, Lifestyle and Science

· Construction

· Digital Tech

· Catering

· Creative Design

These courses range from Entry 3 through to Level 2 (equivalent to a GCSE) and can be completed across one or two years. Learners work on completing components which are assessed throughout the course. Teachers provide continuous feedback to the students so they know how they are doing and can evaluate their own progress. The evidence gathered is then externally verified.

Vocational courses are designed to provide a smooth progression on to post-16 college vocational courses or onto apprenticeships.

Our Yr. 10 students undertake a work experience placement across 3 days at the end of June. We offer the option of either an independent placement where the student attends on their own or a group placement supported by members of staff.

Work placements are a great opportunity for young people to experience a workplace and find out about different job roles, there is nothing quite like experiencing things first-hand and having a go. There are many benefits to taking part in a work placement including an insight into the skills required for a particular job, increased awareness of own skills and strengths, increased confidence and helping to understand how subjects in school link to certain jobs.

Community and Charity

The school fosters an ethos of charitable work, taking part in fundraising and awareness events, including Comic Relief, Mental Health Awareness and Cancer Research UK.