What our Parents, Carers and Professional
Partners Say About The Stable School

We are proud to share some of the feedback we have received from members of our school community.

As a family, The Stables community has given my child confidence, love and support over the last three years of them being at the school. And as a parent I have had constant understanding time and patience shown by the Stable School barn family.

We can’t adequately express how happy we are to see our son in a school that understands and is so receptive to meeting his needs. It is a delight to see him finally engaging with his learning, thanks to wonderfully skilled teachers and he is finally beginning to start realising his full potential. We can’t thank The Stable School Team enough for everything they do, having our son in the right setting for his needs has improved his mental health and outcomes for life.

Since my child has been at the stable school (the last 2 and a half years), we have had a great deal of support. Not only with day to day getting into school and attendance problems but outside with support via check in phone calls, visits to the home and 24/7 support during very turbulent times when the mental health of our child was at an all-time low.

We have been supported by several members of staff both in senior levels and teaching staff and have found them all very approachable and supportive. They have also helped in the signposting to other professionals to help support our child in all areas of their life.

The school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead is passionate about providing the right support for families at the right time. She has a proactive approach and holds the child at the centre of everything she does. She understands the importance of collaborative work and has excellent relationships with partner agencies.

The past few years have been very difficult for student A, and the school’s DSL has remained a stable and supportive part of their journey. Thank you for your hard work and support inside and outside of school hours. Your commitment, understanding and patience is exemplary.

The Stable School are responsive, flexible and creative when it comes to meeting individual needs; forming a positive and expert team around each child.

The Stable School are committed, attuned and responsive to individual needs – working in collaboration with local authority teams to support positive educational engagement and improved outcomes.

As a foster parent, I have been working closely with the staff at Stables school. They are a fantastic team, completely invested in learning the individuality of the young people in their care. Creating a safe and trusting environment, building solid relationships which unlocks the student’s learning capacity to academically achieve to their best potential…

The Stables School is AWESOME…

The Stable school was the first school to accept our child for who he is and all his needs. They have been totally supportive and nurtured his needs. The progress he has made at The Stable school is amazing and has exceeded expectations.

Since our children and we, as parents, became part of The Stable School Family, we have all benefited from the wrap around care. We have a home and school partnership that connects our children and helps keep them safe and happy. Our children no longer fear school, instead it is the key that is unlocking their full potential in exploring their bigger and more exciting world, whilst being safely scaffolded and nurtured by caring and Trauma Informed staff. THANK YOU

I really believe in the vision that you and John have for the school and think that it can only bring positives. I have reflected on the comment you made Denise at the parent forum about the adults who are left being the ones who want to be at the school and really care and also believe in the path you are creating for the school and children and I think that is so true

“Staff go above and beyond with communication. They are very aware of my daughter’s needs and how to support her. They obviously do a lot behind the scenes to prepare for her each time she is in. I am grateful for everyone that is involved with my daughter’s care.”

“My son’s teacher is the first person that has ever got him learning. Great communication with home.”

“We receive great communication and the school are very understanding and supportive to our child and to us as parents.”

“Staff are very approachable, understanding and empathetic, and always manage to get things put in place as soon as possible. They always put our son’s needs first. Any concerns I have raised have been sorted as soon as possible and fed back to us appropriately.”

“Staff come across as caring, understanding and genuine. They really understand our son already and communication with us is professional and supportive at all times.”

“Staff are passionate and make additional effort to focus on the needs of our young person and both our families. The communication and support we receive is always above and beyond.”

“The team are a credit to the school and really understand our daughter’s needs. They communicate well with her and us to support her appropriately and enable her to be happy at school and engaged with her learning.”

“Contact is amazing from school and everyone communicates really well.”

“I am kept regularly updated with how my son is progressing and staff have a broad knowledge and awareness when he feels triggered. Communication is good, there is nothing I can’t ask or share with and they are always there with support when needed.”